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About Us

We are so thrilled you found your way into our world! With backgrounds that range from wedding photography & women's portraiture, to women empowerment, wedding design & coordination, our team is both knowledgable and passionate about helping women to look and feel incredible within their own, unique style. 
We are a team of down to Earth women who can't get enough of beautifully made dresses, love stories, the great outdoors, time spent in imaginative thought, and being surrounded by beauty! 
We hope that you will find a friend in us as you look for the perfect dress to compliment your day. 
And the best part...? We have done all the hard work for you in narrowing down the most amazing, gorgeous, and thoughtfully produced designs - trust us, you will find so many dresses and accessories you absolutely love!  Every dress we carry at White Willow is beloved to us and even has her own name!
We can't wait to meet you!

xo Emily & Alisha


We Believe...

- Every womxn deserves to be celebrated.
- The process of finding a gown that feels distinctly you, beautiful to wear, and thoughtfully produced should be an empowering experience where you feel seen, heard and taken care of at every step.
- By researching each designer we choose to showcase, we can play our part in helping you make socially-conscious choices to support a future that embraces more thoughtful fashion production.

We choose to remain appointment based only to allow each bride a special and meaningful shopping experience with their loved ones. It is our priority that brides feel that their experience at White Willow Bridal Boutique is a highlight of their wedding journey experience.  We achieve this through a carefully curated experience where you have the whole boutique to you and your party.

Above all, it is our philosophy to help each woman feel empowered in her own individuality, beauty, and self expression. 

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